STORM CLO, a fresh and new clothing brand that brings simplicity and creativity together as one. Let the storm begin...
The success of this new clothing line is achieved through the sharp and edgy custom typeface which is accompanied by the paint stroke, giving the logo design for the brand a fresh and contemporary feel. This style is echoed throughout all aspects of the brand to maintain cohesion creating a memorable visual style.
Season two hoodie design:​​​​​​​
Below is Storm Clo's season 2 release which we decided to do hoodies. I kept with the brands simple design and colourways to ensure the seasons are fluid and seamless in style. I decided to go with a moodier colour palette with this drop, as the deigns are similar already, and this creates a stark difference between seasons.
Season one T-Shirts:
The T-Shirt design is very simple to echo the brands attributes, incorporating the name of our brand on the front left chest area with the paint stoke whilst having the brands logo in a larger size on the back of the T-Shirt to boost recognition of the brand.
Storm delivery sleeve branded with the logo and social media accounts alongside business card designs to match the visual style of the brand.
Social Media Marketing:
As our target audience for our products is 12-30 we decided to push our brand through social media platforms such as Instagram as the majority of people within our target audience age range use these social networking platforms for many different reasons. We post  promotional videos on stories and post images of the products we have available via these platforms to engage with our audience and allow them to keep up to date with new arrivals.
 New content coming later...
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