Rucker's Park Redesign
Giving Rucker’s Park a new life through redesigning the court area. Using quotes from famous NBA level basket ballers who played here as young teens, the quotes have been specifically selected to motivate the target audience who attend the park now to stay focused on their passion. My mission was to give the park a new, positive and motivating visual style to help bring positivity to Harlem.
Design structure:
The court specifically has minimal type within the court lines to maintain the legibility of the court so the target audience can still play without any distractions. the type that surrounds the court is placed in a certain way to allow those who are sitting down watching the game to be able to read the quotes with side of the courts whilst the ends of the court face those playing a game.
Colour palette:
The chosen colour pallet consists of three bright/ sporty colours alongside two more neutral/ subtle colours to allow the type to pop out.
Court side Seating Concept:
The seating area next to the court is where the target audience sit to observe the game, rest in between games and to generally sit down and relax with their friends. The seats are also positioned in the centre of the court and is the first thing you see when walking into the basketball court. As a result of this I decided to place a quote that directly addresses ‘young players’ and essentially the quote is reminding the target audience how important teamwork and being a good sportsman is.
Hoop Backboards:
For the hoop backboards I have carefully selected quotes from the NBA players who played at Rucker’s Park, to relate to the hoop directly. Doing this allows my typography to not only motivate my target audience on the action they’re doing but to interact with them whilst they’re going to shoot at the hoop and score.
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