Knock On Effect Campaign For Key4Life & Landor
Campaign breakdown:
Location - Southwark London (as this is where knife crime is at its highest)
Time - In summer - June to August (this is when knife crime rates within London are at its highest)
Focused at three specific ages within the target audience to ensure all outcomes are appropriate for the fast changing audience.
Colour Palette - As the campaign is to be launched in the summer I decided to use a simple colour palette of black and yellow to have synergy with the time of year the campaign will be active as well as contrasting colours that quickly catch the attention of anyone who comes into contact with the designed outcomes. The black and yellow colour palette also plays with the notion of a caution sign which are specifically designed to inform an audience and catch their attention.
Simplicity is at the heart of my printed outcomes to avoid any misinterpretations, the poster designs list multiple knock on effects or picking up or carrying a knife to really emphasise the negative implications and effects carrying a knife has. The use of the stair effect symbolise the uphill progression it is to get out of the lifestyle of carrying knifes but when you reach the top it is rewarding.
Focusing the poster designs to a specific age to help communicate to the target audience as a whole taking them through different scenarios that have been carefully written to personally communicate to the selected audience.
Bus stop as 10 year old’s may travel around on buses - cheap transport
Tube station as 14 year old’s may travel further a field within London
Not only using A sizes for the posters I have created larger versions to allow the campaign to be versatile in communicating to the audience. Alongside this I have strategically placed all of my printed outcomes in locations within Southwark London that the targeted age will be to ensure the most effective communication to the designated audience.
Southwark Shopping Centre for 17 year old’s as they may work there or meet up with friends there
Stories that makes the target audience aware of how easy it is to be dragged into the lifestyle of carrying a knife by creating three separate mini stories that are targeted at a specific age within the target audience is effective in really knocking the message into their heads.
Strategically placed in areas that the audience would be during the summer time break to boost communication to the audience is also a main focus of mine. The use of stairs also works in synergy with the poster designs which symbolise the uphill progression it is to get out of the lifestyle of carrying knifes but when you reach the top it is rewarding.
As the viewer walks up each step they are able to read the next part of the story leading up to the ending of the story which put emphasis on the knock on effect of being influences by troubled teens or kids who have carried a knife and been in situations where their emotions took over. All stories have been informed by YouTube short stories that focus on knife crime within London.
Variation 1:
Variation 2:
Short and engaging animations to grab the attention of the audience via social media platforms as this is wear the target audience communicate with friends, family and for general browsing. Keeping to the colour palette and purely time the animations have been designed to break away from the normal content that would usually be posted on these platforms.
In the first animation the audio of a smart phone keyboard has been added as through my research many of the cases of knife crime are caused through someone notifying another person on someone’s location via a phone. This sound is also very familiar to the target audience as the majority of the target audience have a smart phone or have access to one and solely communicate via them.
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